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#1 Dashboard Kit for Next.js, Expertly Crafted with Tailwind CSS

Open-Source Next.js Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template

TailAdmin Next.js is a free and open-source Admin Dashboard Template built on Next.js and Tailwind CSS, that empowers developers with a comprehensive toolkit for crafting seamless, data-driven back-ends, dashboards, and admin panels. With essential UI components, elements, and pages, it ensures the swift creation of feature-rich, complete dashboard solutions for upcoming Next.js projects.

Built-with Tailwind CSS, Next.js and TypeScript

Core Features

Ultimate Next.js + Tailwind Dashboard – Crafting Dreams into Reality!

Tailwind CSS + Next.js

Streamline the creation of a stylish, contemporary Dashboard UI using Tailwind CSS, combining its Speed with Next.js' robust capabilities. Effortlessly design visually striking Admin panels.

200+ Next.js UI Elements

Explore a comprehensive collection of handcrafted Next.js Dashboard UI components, elements, and pages. Allows you to build feature-packed backends, dashboards, or admin panels.

5 Dashboard Variations

Choose from four uniquely tailored Next.js dashboard versions, perfect for Analytics, Marketing, E-commerce, and CRM applications. Enhance user experience and present data visually.

Highly Customizable

TailAdmin Next.js is highly customizable Next.js Admin Dashboard Template crafted for versatility and ease of use. Tailor it to your special needs effortlessly with our comprehensive documentation.

Lifetime Free Updates

Take your Next.js project to new heights with TailAdmin's lifetime free updates. Access new features and enhancements without any extra cost – because innovation should never have a price tag.

Premier Support

Encountering Next.js-specific technical challenges or need assistance? Connect with us on Discord or open a support ticket, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Fully Responsive

45+ Code Files


Figma Design Source File

Performance Optimized

Cross-browser Support

Dark Mode Support

Customized Plugins

Detailed Documentation

Chosen by the Best and Empowering Thousands of Apps

Other Notable Features

Build Next.js Admin Panel Effortlessly

A Full-fledged Next.js Admin Template

5 Unique Dashboards for Versatile Web Apps

Dynamic Light/Dark Mode

Enable Users to Effortlessly Toggle Between Dark and Light Modes Across All Next.js Components and Pages.

Enhanced Development Efficiency

Experience Effortless Development and Customization with Integrated TypeScript Support and NPM.

Elevate Your Next.js Experience

200+ Ready-to-Use Next.js Dashboard Components

Dashboard UI Components

Essential Tailwind CSS Components for Crafting Your Next.js Dashboard or Admin Panel

Application Pages and UI Kit Elements

Discover UI Kit Elements and 10+ Web Apps, including Mail, Chat, Invoice, Task, Table, Profile Auth, Settings, and More

Visualize Next.js Dashboard Data

With Charts, Graphs, Cards, and Counter Styles

Charts and Graphs

Explore a Range of Options to Present Data Your Way, Utilizing Ready-to-Use Charts and Graphs Components.

Tables, Maps, and Cards

Utilize Tables, Maps, and Cards to Display Rich and Personalized Data, Each Offering Unique Variations.

Select Your Dashboard Variation

E-Commerce, Analytics, Marketing, CRM, Stocks and – More Coming Soon!


Dashboard 01


Dashboard 02


Dashboard 03


Dashboard 04


Dashboard 05

All Pages and Components

200+ Ready-To-Use Next.js Tailwind Dashboard Components




Elevate Your Next.js Projects with

Customized Plugins and Add-ons

Apex Charts

Modern, High-Quality, and Interactive Data Visualization.


Simplify data visualization through interactive and elegant maps.


Automatically add vendor prefixes to your styles for cross-browser compatibility.


Enhance your development workflow with strong typing and improved tooling.


Ensures optimal code quality and maintainability for your projects.


Transform and enhance your styles with this versatile CSS preprocessor.

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