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Open-Source Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template

TailAdmin is a Tailwind CSS-based Admin Dashboard Template that provides developers with everything they need to create feature-rich back-ends, dashboards, and admin panels for web projects. Empowering developers with essential UI components, elements, and pages required to build a complete Dashboard or Admin panel – Now available for HTML, React, Next.js, and Vue!

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Ready to use with your favourite front-end tools

TailAdmin is now available for HTML, React, and Vue

HTML + Tailwind

TailAdmin HTML: Built-with Tailwind CSS, HTML and Alpine.js

React.js + Tailwind

TailAdmin React: Built-with Tailwind CSS, React.js and TypeScript

Next.js + Tailwind

TailAdmin Next.js: Built-with Tailwind CSS, Next.js and TypeScript

Vue.js + Tailwind

TailAdmin Vue: Built-with Tailwind CSS and Vue.js

Core Features

Ultimate Tailwind Dashboard – Crafted for your favourite Tech Stack

Built-with Tailwind CSS

Meticulously crafted with Tailwind CSS to provide a highly composable and customizable foundation. Quickly build and adjust styles using concise, semantic, and human-readable utility classes.

200+ UI Elements

Explore an extensive collection of handcrafted Dashboard UI components, elements, and pages for HTML, React, Next.js, and Vue. Allows you to create feature-packed backends, dashboards, or admin panels easily.

5 Unique Dashboards

Choose from four uniquely designed dashboard variations for Analytics, E-commerce, Marketing, and CRM applications. Enhance user experience and present data visually, tailored for the specific needs of your project.

Easy to Customize and Use

TailAdmin ensures easy customization for your HTML, React, Next.js, and Vue projects. Follow our comprehensive documentation and leverage Tailwind CSS utility classes to achieve your desired results.

Lifetime Free Updates

Take your project to the next level with TailAdmin's lifetime Free updates. Access new features and improvements without any extra cost – because innovation should never have a price tag.

Technical Support

Are you stuck with technical issues, need clarification, or need assistance? Chat with us on Discord or open a support ticket, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Fully Responsive

45+ Code Files


Figma Design Source File

Performance Optimized

Cross-browser Support

Dark Mode Support

Customized Plugins

Detailed Documentation

Other Notable Features

Build Admin Panel Effortlessly

Your Ultimate Admin Template

5 Unique Dashboards for Various Use-cases

Dark/Light Mode Support

Allow Users to seamlessly Switch between Dark/Light Mode – Across All React Components and Pages

Optimized Development Workflow

Effortless Development and Customization with seamless Webpack and NPM support.

Essential UI Components, Elements, and Pages

200+ Dashboard Elements for All Your Needs

Dashboard UI Components

All Essential Tailwind CSS Dashboard Components, Crafted for HTML, React, Next.js, and Vue Admin Panel

Application Pages and UI Kit Elements

Explore UI Kit Elements and 10+ Web Apps with Examples Such as - Mail, Chat, Invoice, Task, Table, Profile Auth, Settings and More ...

Visualize Data in Your Way

Tons of Charts, Graphs, Cards, and Counter Styles

Charts and Graphs

Select from a Variety of Options to Present Data Your Way, Utilizing Ready-to-Use Charts and Graphs Components.

Maps, Tables and Cards

Represent Rich and Personalized Data by Choosing Various Data Containers, Each Offering Different Variations.

5 Dashboard Variations

E-Commerce, Analytics, Marketing, CRM, Stocks and – More Coming Soon!


Dashboard 01


Dashboard 02


Dashboard 03


Dashboard 04


Dashboard 05

All Pages and Components

200+ Highly Customizable Tailwind CSS Dashboard Components




Powerful Toolkit

Customized Plugins and Add-ons

Apex Charts

High-quality, Modern & Interactive Charts for Data visualization


Interactive maps and Elegant data visualization.


Lightweight and Powerful date-time picker for seamless management.


Modern Mobile Touch Slider with hardware-accelerated transitions.


Dynamic interactivity for a seamless user experience.


Boosts code readability and maintainability with advanced code formatting.

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